Florida Republican Representative Ross Spano, recently filed a bill on 18 September to declare pornography a state public-health crisis.

The bill calls for the state of Florida to recognise:

the public health crisis created by pornography and acknowledges the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change to protect the citizens of this state.

You’d think that Florida would have other priorities at the moment?

The bill also reads that:

due to advances in technology and the widespread availability of the Internet, children are exposed to  pornography at an alarming rate and it often serves as their main source of education regarding human sexuality.

Not heeding the antics of Ted Cruz, who ran a legal campaign against sex toys and recently was caught liking a pornographic video on Twitter, Spano recently (you guessed it) liked a pornographic tweet from a Twitter account called “Goddess Lesbian” from 8 January.

In a statement, Spano said:

Obviously, I have a long social media history on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since I was first elected in 2012. With a thorough examination of my accounts, it will be easy to see that this is not my doing.

I have since gone back, once notified, and rectified the problem. And I’m now looking into how it occurred in the first place.


HT Daily Beast

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